750W Brushless DC Motor kit India ( Bldc motor)

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The motor specs are as follows: -
Type: Permanent Magnet BLDC
Voltage: 48v
No Load Current A: 2.5
Rated Current A: 15
Rated Speed RPM: 500±30
Rated Torque: 15 Nm
Max. Output Torque :32 Nm
Rated Power W: 750
Max. Power Output: 950w
Efficiency: 83%
Number of poles: 8
Motor Diameter mm: 145
Insulation class: B

The controller specs are as follows: -
Rated voltage: 48 V
Peak protection current: 30A
Rated power: 900
Under Voltage Protection: 42 V
Throttle voltage: 1V to 4.5V
Phase commutation angle: 120 degrees
Brake De-energize: Low
Heat dissipation: Natural cooling
Ambient temperature: :20 degrees to 60 degrees

Splash Resistant
Hall effect sensor feedback

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